This is the Easiest Way to Clean Your Jewelry!

BY EMILY GOULET | Shoppist Philadelphia Magazine's Blog

APRIL 8, 2014

Round ‘em up, take ‘em over to Craiger Drake.

Nine times out of ten, when I compliment someone on her wedding or engagement rings, I get this response: “Ugh, thanks, but it’s sooo dirty.” It’s like the jewelry version of “Oh, this old thing?” and it leads me to two questions:

1. Why the heck can’t we ever just take a compliment?

2. Why are we all walking around wearing filthy jewelry?

I get it. Cleaning jewelry can be a pain. There's are the questions of which metal can take which cleaning agents, how diamonds are really supposed to be polished, and what stones shouldn't be washed with soap at all (generally, if it's opaque, leave it alone). So here's what to do: Round up your dirtiest, dullest baubles and take them to Craiger Drake in Rittenhouse (1701 Walnut Street, 5th floor). Now through the end of the month, the upscale jewelry boutique and design studio is offering free cleaning on fine jewelry "yup, even if you don't so much as make a single purchase. (And for those pieces you just don't wear anymore, make an appointment with Craiger for a complimentary consult on how they can be redesigned.)

Time to start practicing your response to compliments: "Thanks." Full stop.

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