About Craiger Drake Designs

Craiger Drake Designs®  is a private wholesale jeweler that has the distinct ability to fulfill each client’s unique needs.  The jewelry collection, whether seen in person or virtually through our website, is of superb quality and value.  We offer both readymade jewelry items as well as  personal, custom designed pieces.

Craiger Drake Designs provides superior service making each client feel comfortable in every way guaranteeing that the client receives the best product and value. As part of this process, clients will also be educated in the care of stones, understanding manufacturing qualities, wholesale pricing, and exposure to estate jewelry.

Craiger Drake Designs is an experience. From the custom fitting of jewelry to the welcoming showroom, Craiger Drake Designs is dedicated to every client's need by creating magnificent jewelry.

About Craiger Drake

Craiger Drake began his career in his teens with his family’s fine jewelry wholesale business. From the time he could walk he was surrounded by gorgeous jewels and thus was inspired to continue in the family business.

After graduating Roanoke College in 1988, he spent time in Hong Kong to learn the process of jewelry manufacturing, to understand it, and bring his expertise and manufacturing capabilities to the US.

His understanding of how things are made and his masterful eye for design enable him to create virtually anything his client’s desire, specializing in customized designs, especially unique engagement rings.

With over twenty-five years experience and connections worldwide, Craiger has access to the most unique and rarest stones in the marketplace. This access coupled with his design abilities are what truly set Craiger apart. Visiting Craiger Drake’s modern, fashion-forward showroom is a true experience.

Within ten years, Craiger has been able to grow his business into a $38 million per year operation. By modernizing the business, adding increased and better distribution, as well as bringing the manufacturing to the States, Craiger is now proud to have his own manufacturing facility in New York, where 90% of the Craiger Drake Designs line is created.

Besides creating fine jewelry designs, Craiger enjoys rock climbing, making sushi and also sits on the regional board of the YPO and has been on the board of the Charity Ball for twelve years.

About Joan Holmes    

Joan have been in the jewelry industry since 1993.  She feels so fortunate to have found a job that she loves.  Surrounded by beautiful jewelry, she admits that diamonds are her favorite. 

Her specialty is engagement rings.  She enjoys meeting the many interesting young men who are dedicated to finding the perfect stone and setting.  She recalls one of the first engagement rings she designed, after the client made his decision, he took the elevator to the ground floor and went outside. So overwhelmed by the immensity of proposing, he forgot how to return back to his office. 

Her favorite piece of jewelry from the collection is an 18 karat gold chain with a toggle.  It can be worn several ways, but she loves to wear it wrapped twice around her neck with Victorian fobs and seals from the late 1800’s.  She wears this almost every day.

For special occasions, she wears platinum and diamond clips from the 1930’s and come on a bar so they can be worn as a pin. Or they can be taken off the bar and worn as two smaller pins.  She prefers placing them on the same side for an asymmetric look.  She had a second bar made to attach to her pearls, for an alternating look, long strand or a double strand with diamond clips.




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