Our Graduate Gemologist is available to appraise any jewelry items, regardless of where they were purchased, for insurance and fair market value. Included in the official appraisal is a photo of each piece, evaluation and detail of the specifics of the stones/metal in the item and value. Feel free to call for an appointment to have your jewelry appraised.

Jewelry Care & Repair 

Jewelry is one of your greatest investments in life and taking care of it properly will ensure that it can pass from generation to generation. It is recommended that you have your jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected annually. At Craiger Drake Designs we will make sure that all stones are secure in their settings, pearls are properly strung and metals are good condition. Between professional cleanings and inspection, it is easy to follow a few simple steps to keep your jewelry looking its best.  Our expert jewelers are able to repair just about any piece of jewelry that has been broken, stepped on, run over or cracked. Bring in your items in need of repair for us to evaluate. We will call you with an estimate before any work is done. The quality of our repair work is exceptional. 

To keep your gold and platinum metal jewelry shiny and resilient, remove your jewelry while working with harsh chemicals or swimming. Chemicals, such as bleach and chlorine and other harsh household chemicals, can pit and erode the metal, discolor it, and compromise its durability. It is also important to remove your jewelry, especially rings, when lifting heavy items. Metal can bend and become deformed much easier than you think. The safest method to clean your metal jewelry is with mild dish soap, like dawn, and a new soft toothbrush. Old toothbrushes have toothpaste residue which can scratch metals and gemstones.

Diamonds, a 10 on the Moh's hardness scale, are the hardest stones but that doesn't mean they are the toughest. Diamonds can only be scratched by other diamonds, but if hit hard enough, the stone can chip, crack or break. Diamonds also attract grease so to keep them sparkling they can be cleaned in ultrasonic machines or with ammonia based cleaners, such as windex, and a soft toothbrush.

Colored stones vary widely in their durability and hardness. Some colored stones, such as sapphires and rubies, are almost always heat treated to enhance their color. Typically these stones are stable enough to withstand heat from steam and ultrasonic cleaners but there are other colored stones that are sensitive to heat and can even change color or crack. It is wise to avoid ultrasonic and steam cleaners and let professionals decide what is safe. It is safest to clean your colored stones with mild dish soap and a soft toothbrush.

NEVER put emeralds, opals and pearls in ultrasonic cleaners. Emeralds are typically oiled to enhance their color and fill in cracks. When emeralds are placed in an ultrasonic cleaner, the vibrations and the ultrasonic solution expels the oil from the stone, thus making the cracks worse and more apparent. Emeralds can also break from being cleaned by an ultrasonic machine or steam machines. Opals are extremely sensitive to heat so they should never be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner. If opals are exposed to extreme heat they can crack and dry out. They are also soft stones so it is important to store opals in a dark cool place and protected from other jewelry. Since they are soft, opals are not stones that should be worn every day.Pearls are very delicate and the outer layer, known as nacre, can be damaged if not treated properly. Avoid things like perfumes, lotions, and hair spray when wearing pearls. Even sweat can damage pearls, so after wear they should be wiped clean with a soft cloth. If pearls become dirty it is alright to wash them with a mild soap, but washing compromises the stringing so only wash them when really necessary. After washing, allow them to dry completely before wearing them. If you wear your pearls often they should be restrung once a year.

Storing your jewelry properly is critical in maintaining the life of your jewelry. Since gemstones are all of different hardness they can scratch each other and the metal. Each piece should be stored individually in a soft pouch or in a cloth lined box. Your jewelry shouldn't be in sunlight, high temperatures or in a safe, for extended periods of time.

Ring Sizing 

Whether it's a ring that's new or one handed down through the family, if it can't be worn because it doesn't fit, it will sadly just sit in the jewelry box. Our philosophy is: make it fit properly and wear your jewelry proudly! No matter what the problem is, bring us your pieces that don't fit well and we can help.

Custom Designs 

Our specialty at Craiger Drake Designs is making certain the customer finds just the right piece of jewelry to match their own personal style. Often, that means creating jewelry from scratch. Our skilled designer is available for a consultation and design session which begins the process. He will meet with the customer to discuss their ideas, from which sketches are created to review and approve. The final product is the realization of the customer's original vision. Visit our CUSTOM DESIGN GALLERY

Personal Shopping 

From engagement and wedding rings to ruby, sapphire and emerald necklaces or earrings, to trendy fashion forward pieces. Call for an appointment or just stop in to see our selection of fine jewelry in all price points.


From engagement and wedding rings to ruby, sapphire and emerald necklaces or earrings, to trendy fashion forward pieces. Sign up for our NEWSLETTER and be the first to discover our new collections and events. SIGN UP & LOGIN for online Gift & Wedding registry or to save your favorite items to your wishlist. Call for an appointment or just stop in to see our selection of fine jewelry in all price points. 

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