Get Your Engagement Ring (Or Other Jewelry!) Cleaned for Free at Craiger Drake in Rittenhouse This Month


APRIL 10, 2014

If you are the typical bride-to-be, when you first got that rock on your left ring finger, you cleaned her meticulously every night before you went to sleep, banishing any and all traces of hand lotion and fuzz, dried her with a soft, lint-free organic cloth, whispered, “Goodnight, my love,” and then put her to bed on fluffy poof of feathers and angel wings.

Now, if it's been any length of time since you got engaged, it's probably been several weeks since your ring saw that nighttime routine, and she could use a little gussying up. Which is why, we are happy to tell you, that in the spirit of spring cleaning, Rittenhouse jeweler Craiger Drake is offering free fine jewelry cleaning (no purchase, no problem) for the entire month of April.

Luckily, while you're waiting for your girl to get spiffed and shined, the boutique has no shortage of wedding bands and bridal-party gifts to peruse, and this time of year "because of that spring-cleaning thing again "says Drake, is always a great time to bring in those unwanted or outdated pieces you have stashed in full-to-the-brim jewelry boxes and get them reworked and redesigned into something updated that you do want. So any of those family heirloom pieces you've been considering wearing on your Big Day? Bring 'em on down.

And enjoy that just-like-new bling.

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