ADORN, Insights of jewelry design, by Craiger Drake

Unique designs to last a lifetime

With the click of the mouse and couple strokes of the key board – a custom design can be at your finger tips. But is it really custom? There are parameters that define the lengths of customization online and in the mass market place. We have been providing our customers this luxury since we opened our doors. At Craiger Drake Designs or signature creations are truly that, one of a kind. Designs specific to a thought, a sketch, a dream, a piece of jewelry spotted in a case long ago but not forgotten. You name it, we can make it. And we will make it only for you! 

Inspirations come to all of us, it usually starts with a story. While consulting with clients the conversation begins and soon sparks and glimmers of a piece of jewelry starts to take shape. A significant date, event, milestone begs us to preserve its’ value. The need to express love, acknowledgement, significance are all considered when the design begins. I am privileged to be part of this process. The importance of the ring, necklace, bracelet etc… goes beyond the beauty, it is the meaning and the elements brought together to convey that which it represents.
 A couple of my favorite pieces that have evolved through consultations are a 40th birthday gift incorporating Roman Numerals, creating a clustered diamond piece to provide more sparkle on a budget, searching for a beautiful rare lavender sapphire to satisfy the desire for a special request, and a reproduction of a cherished ring seen years ago to present as an engagement ring. Not only are the results stunning but they provide a wonderful story. Often times these pieces are so remarkable the wearer is retelling the story to many admirers. I especially enjoy seeing and hearing the reactions of recipients when the gift is presented. I am proud that we are able to make dreams come true. Visions turned into reality

The stones, the metals, the shapes create a unique piece that will always be the symbol and visual reminder of a love shared or a moment in time. So, to get it right is paramount. We work tediously to combine these elements for the enduring expression of a unique love and momentous occasion. All considerations are made for the creation; stones, shapes, size, budgets, these dictate the end product. Maximizing the combinations to produce the most beautiful outcome is our forte. We look forward to many more collaborations and stunning creations.

Let us help you make a special statement!

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