The Good Life: Craiger Drake Designs

Philadelphia Magazine

December 2010

For decades " eons, really" Center City jeweler Craig Drake Sr. furnished major bling to a who’s who of women (and the men who smartly shopped for them). Then he retired. At least, he closed his shop amid some unpleasantness. But all that’s forgotten now that his son, Craig “Craiger” Drake Jr., has reinvented the brand, opening a shiny new upper-floor ring-and-ye-shall-enter shop of his own. The space, designed by Rhonda Clark Carlson, is more glamorous than Pop’s place ever was, but Drake fils is carrying on dear old dad’s best traditions: Longtime staffers Joan, Nancy and Mindy remain on hand to help with decision-making, and pashmina-ed patrons still pay half the price marked on the tags.

Originally published in Philadelphia Magazine, December 2010


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